Purpose: Glorify God

Some might wonder how a business making custom tachometers and speedometers for motorcycles can glorify God. The answer is by being a beacon of light in sometimes dark places. By demonstrating Christian values in our customer support and business values. By being open and willing to share our story. By trusting in God and recognizing that everything comes from Him. By giving back to the Lord, and helping others with the blessings God has given.

Our Commitment:

Be a servant to God and His purposes

Be a servant to our customers by

Provide quality products at fair price

Provide exceptional customer service

We Are Not:

Perfect — Only one man was perfect: Jesus Christ. We will make mistakes; however, when it happens we will admit to it, and do our best to make it right.

Hypocritical — We will not judge or be prejudiced toward others due to their beliefs or lack of. We will not attempt to convert you. We will not bring up or discuss religion uninvited. The sole purpose for this statement of faith is to show as example that it is good to be a Christian and inspire others to do the same.